Negativland and Men’s Recovery Project, as theoretical parents, have had a child. And they, theoretically, couldn’t be more proud. Experimental craziness from the same folks who brought you Kill The Scientist. Cameo appearances from members of Lipstick Pickups, the Wade Brigade, Killer Dreamer and more! Dancey-punky-arty mind sex. Wild and crazy to be sure! –FREE Download includes printable liner notes credits


“Straight away this captures me… 25 tracks plus 6 bonus tracks of pure experimental chaos… electronic sounds, live instruments, samples, sound-clips. This is a weird experience!! It’s punk, it’s dancey, it’s funky, it’s jazzy, it’s industrial, it’s folky but above all it’s pure pandemonium!! It’s so original and free and you just have to let it take you wherever it’s going. It’s quite a journey but as long as you have your passporte you’ll be just fine!” – NO FRONT TEETH WEBZINE