Anaheim’s four letter words (members have since formed This Is Revenge, Lipstick Pickups, Thee Makeout Party, Killer Dreamer) whip out eight tracks of ranting and raving punk rock mayhem, while San Pedro’s Jag Offs (ex-F.Y.P., currently killing audiences as Killer Dreamer, and the Leeches) rip up twelve songs of guitar-heavy punk pop with dual male & female vocals. Swirly purple vinyl and over 400 different covers, this is an ultra collector’s item!


The Jag Offs deliver a gritty, head boppin’ down home punk rock. There’s a female lead singer and a male lead singer that split the songs, but a few thrash songs feature both singers, sounding like the late great band: Masturbation. Four Letter Words also have great snotty vocals with funny, abrasive themes and lyrics. Absurd, immature, and delightful.
(HM) Maximum RocknRoll Issue #234, November 2002