180 gram color vinyl, zine, download code.

The Lightning side is punk rock in its purest form. The Cloud side is the new face of Vegas music. You might prefer one side to the other, or you may dislike a song or two on each side. The beauty of this evolution within our various collectives is that you are likely to discover tracks you love and tracks you hate — and you are more than welcome to your opinion.

Regardless of your likes and dislikes, these are the musicians who are working from the bottom up. They are giving everything they have in order to make a name for themselves in a world where SoundCloud and Vine influence album sales more than actual talent. This record is who we are and what we have become. All we ask of you is to keep an open mind.


An excellent, eclectic collection of tunes from Vegas bands that you need to know like Rusty Maples, Hungry Cloud, the People’s Whiskey, Illicitor and more.
(JASON BRACELIN) Las Vegas Review Journal, June 2014

Though its pace has slowed some, GC still puts out a handful of projects each year, including new 15th-anniversary compilation A Snapshot of the 2014 Las Vegas Music Scene, which gathers tracks from 12 local punk (The Core, Mercy Music) and indie (Rusty Maples, Shayna Rain & The Gents) bands. The $10 package—180-gram vinyl, digital download and pro 38-page “zine”—makes for both solid scene entry point and way to delve in further. Oh, and the 400 copies come in an assortment of colors, all the better for keeping those merch tables gleaming.
(Spencer Patterson) Las Vegas Weekly, September 2014

Though I’ve never heard of GC Records before getting this compilation, I’m happy I have now. After fifteen years of experience, they’re branching out from their typical roster of punk and hardcore bands. This compilation features two facets of local Las Vegas—one side features “punk rock in its purest form” and the other is a hodgepodge of pop, dance, folk, and experimental music. There’s a forty page zine included with each page dedicated to the bands on the record, complete with professional photos. For the most part, I enjoy the b-side of non-punk stuff but it’s a bit of a gamble. There’s some nice folky autumn feeling at the first half of the second side, but you also get slow tempo electro pop of Boiis, which features lines like, “With the touch of your hand / tonight I’ll be your man / like scorpions in the hot desert sun.” The last track leaves you with Kill The Scientist, a performance artist / sound collage one man band who talks about gamer nerds and prolapsed rectums over electronic beats. There’s something for everybody!
(Kayla Greet) Razorcake, Issue #83, Winter 2014