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FEATURED RELEASE: This Just In… Benefit Comp


There was a time, in the not too distant past, when having an opinion was a badge of honor and proudly speaking out against injustice was typical discourse amongst burgeoning subcultures. Apathy was the enemy and silence was the weapon of mass destruction. We convened for world domination in backyards, coffee shops, warehouses, and alleys. Social media did not exist and the only way to be heard was raising our voices together against corporate controlled news outlets and whitewashed mainstream pop culture. We marched, sang, and drank 32’s in alleys together, as one united instrument of change. Egos were not currency. You were there because it mattered and you cared.

In June of 2005, deep in the reign of a George W. Bush White House and a misguided pre-emptive war in Iraq, GC Records unleashed into the world its powerful compilation, “This Just In…A Benefit For Indy Media”, that included punk and hardcore bands who believed in the cause of Indy Media and the urgent need for the grassroots, not for profit, independent news source. Listening to each song stirs the faraway feelings of revolution and beckons us to unite again and remember the significance of being present because it mattered.


1 Intro
2 The Tim Version “Pave The Bay”
3 Toys That Kill “Birds in Catsuits”
4 Killer Dreamer “Unpredictable”
5 Clarendon Hills “Hooray Punk Rock Boy”
6 Four Deadly Questions “Disconnected”
7 Fleshies “WATCH OUT!”
8 The Leeches “Rattlesnake Island”
9 Passporte “Do What is Right…”
10 This is Revenge “New Mutants”
11 Geisha Girls “Buckingham”
12 The Shemps “Adrenaline Junkie”
13 The Spunks “Roadrunner”
14 Peelander-Z “O.B.K.”
15 Lipstick Pickups “SLUG”
16 Broken Society “WTO”
17 Intro5pect “For Blood, Under God”
18 Drinker’s Purgatory “Blanchardos Creepos”
19 Coleko “Fireworks are Fun”
20 I Farm “Nucleus of the Rot”
21 Berzerk “This Life is Not the Life I Ordered”
22 Enemy You “Wasted Years”
23 East Arcadia “Question Belonging”
24 ESL “So Lonely”
25 Bobot Adrenaline “Damn the Machine”
26 Try Failing “Think You Lied”
27 Thee Makeout Party “Demolition Demo”
28 The Frisk “Leech”
29 Rah Bras “Obdurate Pen”
30 The Wade Brigade “Where Eagles Dare”

Janelle_polaroidThis Just In… compilation by Various Artists