Shayna Rain

Shayna Rain

Hailing from Las Vegas, NV,Shayna Rain combines the musical elements of Indie Rock and Downtempo with hauntingly operatic vocals. For fans of Portishead, Chelsea Wolfe, and Brand New.

Formally known as Shayna Rain and The Part Time Models, Shayna Rain signed with GC Records and released a full length LP in June of 2015. Went on three successful US/BC tours in support of the album. Getting recognition from blogs like Pigeons and Planes, “You’ll Never Leave” was receiving the most attention: “Yet songs that so beautifully touch on these ideologies in a way that’s both profound but relatable are few and far between. Shayna Rain’s “You’ll Never Leave” is one of these rarities. The track (which is recorded with Rain’s band Shayna Rain and the Part-Time Models) features waves of percussion, sparse guitars, and Rain’s emotive, rich vocals.”

In 2016, dropping “The Part Time Models,” the group released a four song EP in September. Again went on tour in support of the EP and received more positive reviews. The Las Vegas Weekly wrote, “the EP shows a new level of connectedness within the band. Between Zeller’s (drummer) downtempo electronics and Shayna’s opaque musings on passion, love and loss, Shayna Rain gradually bares its teeth. From feather-light opener “Hope” to the Warpaint-esque “Before My Body,” Paper Flowers is intricate and powerfully relatable.”

Shayna Rain is already back in the studio for the next album. They plan on more tours in 2017 and branching out to larger labels and festivals.


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