Neckties Make Me Nervous

Neckties Make Me Nervous

Neckties Make Me Nervous is a punk band. No bones about it – they’re smart, they’re pissed off, and they’re not trying to impress you with their technical prowess or woo you with vague emo meanderings. They get in, attack, and move on to the next song. With topics that range from the cyclical nature of domestic violence and disgust at the U.S.’s rampant xenophobia to a sense of voicelessness regarding the current occupation of Iraq, they’re also not a band that’s going to be playing vapid pop punk songs. Their debut 7-inch is a must have collectors item with art by Keith Rosson as well as a record adapter, inserts, stickers and a fully-packaged CD-R for those of you without record players!


  • Scott

  • Jeff

  • Adam

  • Keith

  • Ben

  • Georgia