Jack Killed Jill

Jack Killed Jill

This San Francisco-based, female fronted 4-piece chose to skip the power pop/punk style so readily available on [insert Clear Channel station here] and instead seeded their sounds in older punk roots, with true blue grit and a songwriting street credential once available in the DC-punk bands of the 80s. Revik Delfin, lead vocalist, churns and growls through each of the ten songs, sounding like a female version of Mike Ness (a la Social Distortion) while the remaining trio create immediate anthems with their grinding, sonic instrumentation. If you are interested in finding more of the music that makes you bleed a little bit instead of the “My parents got divorced and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt” pop/punk, check out this band NOW.


  • Revik

  • Eric

  • Eddie

  • Dave