Las Vegas. A town known for world class impersonations. Some love it, most leave it. As of late, there seems to be a whole lot of love. In spite of larger challenges, Downtown Las Vegas has proven fertile ground for the local music scene. It is in this ground that Dogyear have dug their home.

With many years of experience in various music projects between the 6 members of Dogyear, there is an eclecticism and balance not often heard. Bringing sweeping harmonies, layered guitars and a dynamic rhythm section, Dogyear hits a lot of sweet spots. In their short time together, these 6 musicians have cultivated a solid following based on their tight, yet moving live performances.

All members being mid-west expatriates (Chicago, Columbus and Detroit), revel in hard work. These guys live in dog years, 7 for every 1, jamming as much life into every moment, every song, every performance as one could hope for, synthesizing multiple genres into one cohesive sound that is uniquely Dogyear.


  • Nick Waeghe – Vox/ Keys/ Guitar

  • Justin Terio – Vox/ Harmonica/ Guitar

  • Bobby Lowry – Guitar/ Vox

  • Robert Stokes – Guitar/ Vox

  • Josh Masters – Bass/ Vox

  • Daniel Kloza – Drums